easy2playmusic news

8th May 2017 was a red letter day for us. 3 pre-schools had completed assessments of their children, received their packs of RF equipment and were ready to take part in research.

Since then ‘they’ve been busy being Buzzy Bees and trying the new activities!’ (Trailblazers Nursery).

The RF sessions started with music, movement and drawing (1 – 5) following with numeracy (6 – 10) and then with poems and rhymes (11 – 15). (To download and print your own copies sign up on the Members page.)

Now we need some sunshine, as the next set of 15 sessions will go outdoors to play musical versions of hopscotch and ball bouncing games!

Easy2PlayMusic Hopscotch

Other great news – Mrs Beat is set up to offer individual or group sessions by Skype. Email Mrs Beat right away, with details of your request, to take advantage of the special early adopter prices.

And with the summer holiday in mind, please let us know what workshops you would like to join. Watch for further information in a few weeks time.

Easy2PlayMusic Mrs Beat

Why choose easy2playmusic?

In the first stages of exploring music, traditional ‘private lessons’ may not fit the bill. Our way is less intense, less ‘academic’, much less expensive and designed so that a whole family or a group (led by an adult) can have fun learning together.

Key features

  • Inclusive social interaction is at the heart of what we do – from duet games to larger groups
  • Best practice of historic music educators is central, but adapted for 21st century learners
  • Maximisation of cross curricular learning, especially Literacy & Numeracy
  • Minimal use of technical terms and jargon – just plain English
  • Learn in tiny steps - ‘morsels’ of music & ‘snippets’ of sound
  • Pictures, colours, shapes, movement – all these and more make for a rich and varied learning experience